The BOX is a matter of course ...
    fixation is important

    SERVISBAL PACKAGING - we create packaging for the future

    • We are a Czech company

      A family company with clear proprietary relations and a vision for the future.

    • We have international awards

      Our inventive solutions regularly win domestic and international awards.

    • 20 years of experience

      We are a company with a tradition in the field, we have offered services for more than twenty years.

    • Own production

      We have our own production base and modern technologies.

    • Team of designers

      Experts with education and long-term experience in the packaging industry.

    • Customized production

      Packaging tailored for your products. Safe protection, effective logistics.

    Mr. Horčička's story


    "My dream is to develop Servisbal, the place where Czech skill and skilful hands win over the immeasurable possibilities of foreign capital..."

    Ing. Ladislav Horčička

    the company's owner and legal expert

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