Cardboard production

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Your business is the perfect product and our concern is the perfect packaging. Be it sensitive electronics or heavy machinery parts, we design a safe packing solution. We use corrugated cardboard or a combination of it with other materials such as foam profiles, cartonplast, soft foam, etc. We rely on our know-how and twenty years of experience.

Die cuts

Production of packaging by die cutting tailored for your products. We have technology for the production of die cuts which enables the fast and quality production of this type of cardboard. Paper packaging production according to the standard structures of the FEFCO catalogue is a matter of course. We also offer die cuts with luxurious design with the possibility of offset printing. Die cuts are often used for reliable fixation inside transport packaging. They can also create the complete packaging. In this case the cut is designed to fold fixation together with outer packaging.

Precise shaped fixation

We are specialized in fixation of a product inside a box. If it is applicable to packaging, we will easily combine cardboard with other materials. We are able to manufacture outer packaging and fixation made from one blank on a die cut. We eliminate manual work when folding packaging and replace complicated die cuts. We create fixation which is easy to fold; no gluing or stapling is necessary. We effectively solve your demanding requirements for packaging and fixation of heavy products. We also create firm anchoring of your products with reliable deformation zones.

Packaging with printing (boxes)

We know that you use packaging to represent your company and brand. We also ensure advertising print for you, which gives your packaging a representative appearance. We offer multicolour flexographic, digital or offset printing or pasting. We enable to refine the surface of cartons by varnishing, embossing, special films or blind embossing. Industrial cardboards and boxes are provided with the company's logo, advertising symbols or other data. We offer the simple or all-over print of packaging of high quality. Our specialists will offer you an optimal procedure for printing of your packaging depending on the technological possibilities.


Paper reels

Paper reels serve as an effective substitution of the reels from traditional materials, mostly from timber or plastics. Due to its strength features our reel is fully comparable with these materials and offers many advantages compared to them. The reels made of paper are mostly keenly priced compared to the materials mentioned above. Their great advantage is 100% recyclability. We manufacture the paper reels using specially designed technological equipment which we have developed ourselves. We carry out assembly of the reel's particular elements using a highly firm joint, which is protected by industrial rights. Thanks to the production technology we are able to implement high-volume deliveries JUST IN TIME - at a contractually guaranteed time. We can tailor the reel to your needs, be it the size or type of used paper or front.

Pallet legs

Pallet legs are used for replacement of Euro pallets. They are an example of an simple effective solution which can substantially save your costs of logistics and storage. The principle is very simple, a pallet leg is usually provided with an adhesive tape which is connected by the firm joint to the transport packaging. Handling is carried out similarly to a load placed on a typical pallet. This solution offers many savings. The most considerable advantage is logistics without pallets, their purchase, warehousing and transport. Another considerable saving consists in recycling; after use the packaging made of corrugated cardboard forms, with the pallet leg, 100% recyclable one-type waste.


Returnable systems

It is a case of cardboard boxes which enable multiple use due to simple folding in a flat shape. Due to this, in the return transport (without goods) they take up a maximum of one tenth of the space compared to the assembled package. An example of returnable packaging is a collapsible box made of several layers of cardboard. Separate layers overlap in the corners and due to this the packaging resists even a very strong load. The interlays separating the layers of the goods, and polystyrene in which the products are fixated are used for fixation. This solution was used for transport and storage of long and narrow plastic pressed parts.



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