Cardboard reels

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Do you transport or send cables, strips or similar linear products?

Then try our cardboard reels. Their parameters match other materials or even surpass them.

"Their price is usually much more favourable then comparable reels from wood or plastic."

We have developed strong durable cardboard reels, which have several advantages over the previously used materials. Most importantly, as they are very easy to recycle, they are suitable for a single use. Our reels are very light and easy to handle. Their price is usually much more favourable than comparable reels from wood or plastic. Servisbal owns unique equipment, which allows very fast and precise production of cardboard reels, thus allowing us to satisfy even large orders, both regular and irregular.

 The Servisbal proprietary connection between the cardboard face and the cardboard tube is original and very firm.

Use of the reels: transport and storage of linear products

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