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Josef Mervart - Vedoucí prodeje systémové kartonáže

"We will create customized packaging for your goods. We will recommend a solution that will save costs for transport, storage and handling.;

Bc. Josef Mervart

Sales Manager of Systemic Cardboard

+420 499 979 707
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Design of packaging, preparation of samples, optimisation of existing packaging.

We will design a packaging solution that will exactly suit your packaging needs. We will evaluate the different possibilities and design the optimal way for fastening the product inside the outer packaging. We will recommend a solution that will take into consideration your logistic processes, storage method and handling of wrapped products. The packing processes contain reserves and their elimination can save up to 80% of the total costs of packaging.

Návrhy obalů, tvorba vzorků

Packaging design according to the customer's requirement
Functional samples for testing of the solution
Optimisation of fixing materials
Price reduction of packaging by the revision of processes
– handling, storage, transport

Package testing

What happens to the parcel in frost of -20°C? What if it falls on the ground from a height of one metre? Our testing laboratory provides the answers for all similar questions.

Own testing laboratory

We have our own testing laboratory with the latest technological equipment

Drop tests
We perform drop tests from which we evaluate the resistance of packaging used in the transportation chain

Climatic tests
In the climatic chamber we test the necessity of using anti-corrosion means and protective means against moistening of the package

Shock record
We use a data logger of shocks which records every shock during transportation

We will find the optimal way of protection with regard to the conditions for storage and transport of products

Testování obalů - vlastní zkušebna

Own production

We have modern technologies and permanent qualified employees. Owing to this we are able to manufacture highly complicated or simple packaging of high quality and provide JUST IN TIME deliveries exactly according to our customers' requirements.

Vlastní výroba - Servisbal Obaly

Unique production technology in the Czech Republic

A lot of our production equipment is unique in the Czech Republic, e.g. machines for the production of cardboard fixing grids and the subsequent assembly enable production in large quantities according to the needs of our customers' production lines. We can develop completely new machine technologies for the production of specific packaging in large volumes. We subject production materials to careful inspection, we develop long-term relations with their suppliers thanks to which we are able to minimize the risk of supplies failure.

We can also ensure packaging, storage and sending of your products

The possibilities of services extension

The assembly and wrapping of your products
Dispatch and logistics directly to your customers
Storage of your wrapped products
Storage of all needed packing
Optimisation of existing packing processes

Balení, skladování, logistika



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