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"The fastest way to get packaging and packing materials is through our e-shop Sign up and get excellent quantity discounts and many other advantages."

Anna Pospíšilová

Customer service officer

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The easiest way to purchase standard packing is through our e-shop. The great advantage is delivery within 24 hours or at a time you will specify. The prices are controlled by the system of discounts, which enables you to save even with smaller distribution quantities. If the order exceeds CZK 5,000, the delivery will be free and without VAT.

Internet wholesale

Wrapping of a product can often be managed by standardized packaging. Its use is usually cheaper than the contract solution. Our wholesale service is available for you. You can contact us by a direct order or via the e-shop.

Why buy from us?

It is possible to save as much as possible by taking entire pallets. These are mainly boxes. If you take the quantity which corresponds to a pallet of boxes in a flat shape, you will get a discount of up to 34%. The principle of pallets purchase consists in very simplified work with the entire pallet unit. Logistics and dispatch of entire pallets is much easier and so we can offer you a substantial discount

"If you take the quantity which corresponds to a pallet of boxes in a flat shape, you will get a discount of up to 34%."

Offered goods in stock

No delivery charges above 5,000 CZK

Customized production of packaging

Full service for wholesale customers

Dispatch within 24 hours



Did standard packaging not suit you?

We will deliver customized wrappers of different sizes, from different materials or with your printing.
Our workers will recommend not only the most convenient wrapping materials but they will also offer a solution with regard to cost minimization during the packaging process. They will find savings where you would not expect them. If you need them we are ready to offer you our further services, such as rental of equipment or calculation of transport packaging bearing capacity.

Are you interested in our offer? Contact us!

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