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Damages to goods resulting from the selection of unsuitable or insufficient packing during transport and storage are a frequent problem. The weak spot is usually underestimation of fixation (stabilization) of products inside the outer packing.


"Wrapping of several products in one packing brings many risks. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent them easily by Kartofix grids and interlays."

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Risks during transport

During transport and storage the goods are subjected to a large number of risks; let us mention the most serious of them. Impacts, vibrations and pressures - during transport inertia forces originate at braking, centrifugal forces occur in curves and pressure forces at vibrations and load.

Risk of falling – threats mainly during transport by mail-order firms.

Stacking of shipments – your packing can be exposed to substantial pressure on the upper part of the packing ;

Climatic influences – humidity, temperature fluctuations, frost

Handling by forklifts – during transport of packaging by mail-order companies, on average of 6x – 8x

It is important to use correct fixation

Fixing materials and systems are used for stabilization of products and creation of deformation zones inside the outer package. They prevent the goods from movement and their subsequent striking and absorb impacts and shocks which would be "caught" by the packed product.

We will help you to protect your products

We have created a special system of goods protection - KARTOFIX.

Due to the unique production technologies these fixations provide many advantages. Perfect protection of the product, very fast and cheap production, the possibility of deliveries JUST IN TIME within the contractually stipulated time.

Which fixation method to choose

At the present time, there is really a large number of fixing materials and systems available. But none of them is completely general-purpose; each is suitable for different purposes. The basic factor for making a decision is the mode of transport, sensitivity of products and their quantity in one package.

Fixing grids for packing more products together

When providing group packaging, it is convenient to use fixing grids. Thanks to them the products are easily separated and it protects them from mutual damage. The grids also reinforce the whole package and, if necessary, they can also absorb impacts and pressure on the package. Our company is a specialist in the production of fixing grids without using cutting instruments. Deliveries can be subjected to the JUST IN TIME system, so exactly according to the needs of the customers' production lines. Another service we can provide is the mechanical assembly of grids; their slow and costly manual folding does not take place anymore.

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