Fixation systems

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Fixation grids for packing of more products together

When providing group packaging, it is convenient to use fixing grids. Thanks to them the products are easily separated and it protects them from mutual damage. The grids also reinforce the whole package and, if necessary, they can also absorb impacts and pressure on the package. Our company is a specialist in the production of fixing grids without using cutting instruments. Deliveries can be subjected to the JUST IN TIME system, so exactly according to the needs of the customers' production lines. A further service provided is the grids' mechanical assembly; their slow and costly manual folding does not take place anymore.


Interlays - tailor-made solution, effective reinforcement of a pallet

The fixing interlay is a simple cardboard part (blank), which is often put between goods on the pallet to reinforce the entire pallet unit. If the places for bending are created, it is possible to use it for the products' safe fixation. There are many applications to be used, as edge protection, braces, deformation zones and other fixations inside the packaging. Our company is able to manufacture the interlays without using cutting instruments, so very cheaply and quickly with the possibility of deliveries JUST IN TIME.

Kartofix separators for mechanical handling

Separators are a specific type of group packing which are used mainly in case of the need for mechanical handling of packaged products. They are used for the products' stabilization into a precisely defined position according to the customer's production line.


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