KARTOFIX Grid Dividers

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Do you pack more products into a single package?

Then use our fixation grids, which separate the products from each other and protect them.

"We can complete the grids by machine, which eliminates laborious manual completion."

Our company specialises in production of fixation grids and insert separators. We can produce them even without a punching tool, which allows very quick and cheap JUST IN TIME delivery. We can complete the grids by machine and thus eliminate laborious manual completion. The fixation grids separate the products, so they prevent their mutual damage. They create deformation zones, making the entire delivery more resistant. The products are stored in a defined position, so they are easy to handle.

Use of the grids: packaging of glass, automotive spare parts, engineering components, plastic mouldings, etc.

Benefits of the Kartofix grid dividers

Production without a punching machine
We can produce simple grids even without a punching machine.

Unique manufacturing technology
Cheap and fast production. JUST-IN-TIME deliveries.

Mechanical completion
Mechanical completion will save your time during packaging.

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