KARTOFIX Insert Protectors

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Are you looking for a cheap solution in creation of deformation zones and further protection of your products?

We will suggest a solution that easily and safely protects your goods.

"Our protectors will efficiently protect your products at a low cost."

Like the grid dividers, we can produce the insert protectors without the use of a punching machine.  Modern equipment allows large-scale production with minimum of waste. 
The protectors reinforce the pallets and separate the goods; if rolled and folded, they provide protection even to sensitive products. They are often used as corner reinforcements, casings, box reinforcements or palette corners. The degree of applications is almost endless.

Use of the insert protectors: universal inserts, engineering components, automotive industry, electronics, glass, etc.

Benefits of the Kartofix insert protectors

odstavecProduction without a punching machine
We can produce the insert protectors even without a punching machine.

odstavecUnique manufacturing technology
Cheap and fast production. Combination with other fixation materials.

odstavecA wide range of applications
Very cheap and quick production.

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