Other fixation systems

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FillPak and Padpak systems

It is a paper fixation method which is carried out by mechanical pressing of paper. FillPak works with one layer, PadPak with one or two, and it is also reinforced by perforation. The machines work very fast and create several tens of metres of material in one minute. A great advantage of this system is the compactness of the machines; they can be placed practically anywhere, even in a normal apartment. Anyone can manufacture the necessary filling material for boxes by himself, if necessary. The resulting fixation perfectly dampens impacts and shocks; PadPak paper also works for heavy products. PadPak and FillPak together with a box form one-type packaging.

Air cushions

The system of air cushions consists of a simple stand and special foils for inflating. All that has to be done is to place a foil into the stand and select the necessary quantity of fixation. The machine is very compact; it can be easily placed on the worktable. Manufactured air cushions are simply put into the transport packing. This type of fixation has several important advantages. Its transport and storage is very efficient, after all most of the fixation is created by air inside the cushions. Wrapped products look aesthetically pleasing and are completely dust-free. Their production can take place whenever you need it.

Packaging with foil

Innovative systems fix the products by a special foil which tightens by bending the interlay to which it is fastened. Permanent tension is created which safely keeps a product under the foil so that it does not move. This is how e.g. mobile phones are safely sent to the service shop from where it can be sent back in the same package. This system is perfectly antistatic and dust-free.

Loose fixing materials and foils

There are a large number of loose fixing materials. We can name several of them which are, in our opinion, the most practical.

Kartofix loose fixation is an affordable and environmental friendly solution. It is manufactured by processing of old cardboard boxes. By cutting them on the special machines a compact net is created which can be easily manually adjusted and put into the box. If necessary, the whole products are wrapped in Kartofix and this is an excellent protection against impacts and shocks.

FLOPAK bodies are manufactured from material which decomposes in the presence of humidity and ground microorganisms. There must not be any concerns about excessive impact on the environment. The use is simple, the packaging is filled with bodies and a product is placed inside perfectly surrounded by fixation. Simple but effective.

Fixation foils are still very popular. After all, what can be easier than to buy a roll of bubble wrap and wrap the goods in it. But it is important to pay attention to the proper size of bubbles and sufficiently layered foil. Storage of foil takes up quite a large space, recycling is not so simple as with paper fixations. Therefore we recommend using foils rather as additional material.

Foam profiles are mainly used for the protection of edges and corners of sensitive products. But if they are cut properly, they can become the perfect fixation which holds products safely in place inside the package.


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