Packsynergy Meeting

Servisbal is a proud member of the Packsynergy group, together with another thirteen companies of the same size from seven European countries. This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our membership. That is why the annual meeting of the association was held at our Dobruška site this year.

This year's annual meeting of the association members was held in our new headquarters at Dobruška. Dobruška thus, for a while, became the place where the largest number of packaging experts in the Czech Republic met. Partner companies greatly appreciated the new development of Servisbal, most visible through the new buildings (the development and administration centre, the warehouses) and the purchased new technologies.
At the meeting Servisbal introduced our new approach to innovation and the ongoing discussions mainly addressed the expanding automation and robotisation of manufacture, obviously also extensively affecting the packaging industry. The agenda also included welcoming of two new members from Austria and Finland.
The whole meeting was very successful; Servisbal managed to be an excellent host whose professional approach matches that of the top packaging industry players in the world.


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