It is very easy to get a cardboard box today. This service can be provided by many packing companies. The outer packaging, usually a cardboard flap box, is only a part of the comprehensive process of design of functional and economical packaging.

Design and development of packaging

Design of the outer packaging (box) is usually the easier part. The main criteria that determine the total price of a packaging solution are to be found elsewhere. These are mainly the method of packaging transport and storage and other necessary handling - product packing, product unpacking, etc. Only on the basis of evaluation of these essential factors is it possible to achieve real savings of the product's total transport price. The construction department with qualified specialists with education and experience in the field is the place where our packing solutions are created. Naturally, production starts after testing the functional sample.

Proposal for costs saving in packaging

Additional costs for packaging make up to 80% of the total costs per package. We can reveal hidden costs which unnecessarily arise during wrapping and recommend more effective solutions. It is possible to achieve substantial savings by adaptation of packaging to all requirements which have to be met during transport. Do you pack several similar parts? We will design one package which can be used for several types of your products. Will your sensitive product be unpacked by untrained staff? We will provide the packaging with handling symbols to avoid any doubts about the procedure. Do you spend too much money on transport of empty packing? We will design the packing so that it can be transported flat.

Packaging consultancy

Thanks to our long-term experience we can provide you with packaging consultancy. It mainly consists in the revision of all process phases from the production and packaging delivery to final distribution to your customers. In most processes it is possible to find reserves which hide additional costs to be saved. Optimisation of all processes can save quite a considerable amount of costs.

Drawing up a packaging regulation

The packaging regulation is a manual by which we can wrap the product properly even without previous knowledge. We will prepare it for the customer either by modification of the old regulation or we will propose a new one.

The packaging regulation should contain several basic types of information. The packaging procedure is divided into individual phases from taking delivery of the packaging and product to the completely wrapped product and its dispatch. This procedure can also be completed by photographic documentation. It is also necessary to mark the parts precisely with size, weight and sensitivity. There should also not be a lack of time for the individual procedures.


Storage and logistics

Storage and logistics

We offer comprehensive outsourcing of packaging, logistics and dispatch. We will ensure on your behalf all the activities related to packaging, logistics and assembly of the product. Do not waste your time and costs and entrust us with dispatch.

Which services can we offer?

  • Regular deliveries of packaging according to your plans
  • Production, purchase and storage of packaging
  • Assembly of your products
  • Packing and storage
  • Dispatch and logistics straight to your clients and customers.

Hire of technical means

Do you need to pack a larger amount of products in spurts and do not want to buy an expensive packaging machine? Rent it from us. This lease can be short, usually for several weeks or long, for several years.

Taping and packing machines are usually rented for a shorter period of time in case of the sudden need to wrap a larger number of products. On the contrary, the machines for production of FillPak and PadPak fixations are rented under very favourable conditions for a longer period of time, which can also reach the total working life of the machine. There is no necessity to make initial investments and the customers can start packaging right away.


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