Shaped cut-outs

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Do you need customized packaging that exactly fits your products?

We will propose a solution that protects even very sensitive products.

"Shaped cut-outs are used for customized packaging."

We produce packaging with a structure suitable exactly for your product, i.e. shaped cut-outs usually from corrugated cardboard or its combination with other materials. We can design fixation by a shaped cut-out that fits the existing external packaging or fixation that simultaneously creates external packaging – always according to the customer's specifications and needs.
Shaped cut-outs are used for customized packaging that fits the products. Their design requires high erudition in the packaging technique and special equipment in case of large-scale manufacture. We offer production of shaped cut-outs, which will safely protect your products and comply with the strictest logistic requirements.

Use of shaped cut-outs: engineering products, electrotechnical products, automotive industry, very heavy and very sensitive products

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