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"Do you have a larger amount of packaging which you do not need any more? Contact us! We will come and buy your packaging."

Jaroslav Barák

Sales Manager - Rotobal

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What to do about the boxes which were already used once. And what if the customer cancels the order but packaging is already bought and stored. The solution can be participation in the ecological project Rotobal. Rotobal.

Why are boxes that were used once and look like new thrown away?

We ask ourselves the same question and that is why the Rotobal project was created.
Rotobal is an ecological, economically independent project of the Servisbal Obaly Company. It consists in purchasing used or worn packaging, and its inspection and re-sale mostly via an online shop.

If we just manage to ensure that each box is used twice, we will spare human energy, trees, crude oil, electricity and the purses of all of us.

How does the project work?

We have been buying used packaging through the permanent and one-time suppliers of a variety of companies and private persons. We prefer a larger amount of packaging of the same type. After a thorough inspection we offer them in our online shop.


What is the state of sold packaging?

All packaging we offer is entirely in good condition and clean with respect to its function. Some of it was already used once, others were new when we bought them from excess stocks.
High-volume bags, so-called BIG-BAGs can contain very tiny residues of non-toxic loose materials; this fact is always highlighted.

How is packaging separation carried out?

When receiving the used boxes (packaging), a proper inspection is carried out by a trained storeman.

First, the qualitative inspection takes place - a worker checks the product for obvious damage (e.g. torn, wet).
Damaged boxes are always rejected and recycled; only boxes without functional damage are put up for sale.

Further, the quantity inspection takes place and only after that the established amount of packaging is taken to the store to allow our customers to have information on the existing quantity in the store.


We purchase

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